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Director/performer David Perry lives at the intersection of refined beauty and fucking filth. In “Anal Elegance #4,” the fine filmmaker dresses gorgeous starlets in stylish finery, puts them in salacious scenarios, and then strips away their genteel exterior to reveal the nasty lust inside. In a swimsuit and sexy stockings, slender brunette Cindy Shine complains that boyfriend David is too busy working to pay her any attention. So, he pulls down her bottoms to rim her asshole. David servesup a rhythmic anal slam-fuck, and he rails her furry box. She licks his sphincter and sucks his taint amid multiple rounds of boning for each of her holes. Home from work, porn cocksman Erik Everhard finds platinum-haired starlet Vinna Reed in his living room wearing sheer stockings, garters and two-piece lingerie. Vinna masturbates, arousing Erik to jack along. She mounts him for an almost-airborne cunt fuck. Erik eats her downy snatch. He pummels the wayward girl with a searing buttfuck! Vinna gives Erik deepthroat head. She wraps her toes around his thick bone for a jerking foot job. And she swallows semen. In a skimpy top, mini-skirt and heels, longhaired Kylie Green informs her maternal parent’s boyfriend (David) of her crush on him! Agreeing to silence, they kiss and make out. Kylie gives a head-bobbing blowjob. He pulls aside her silky panties to eat her young pussy. David’s experienced pole drills the moaning girl’s twat doggie-style. He reams her bunghole until it gapes! The vixen rubs her gash feverishly as he sodomizes her, and she stuffs her tongue up his ass for a mischievous rim job. On an outdoor deck, David repeatedly ravishes her nubile orifices. Kylie cleans his prick orally, with devious glee. Dirty blonde Blue Angel finds boyfriend Kai Taylor buried in his phone, totally unaware it’s her birthday. Seeking attention, she soaks in the tub, and Kai strokes himself to erection. He shoves his meat deeply in her slit, and they bounce joyously on a soft mattress. Kai reams her gaping rectum in multiple positions, and Angel consumes his dick head in an ass-to-mouth BJ. Kai drops a chunky wad of jism into her open mouth. Angel plays with the sperm and smiles through the cum facial, chin sticky.
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