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Sexy Lexi is finally realizing her life goal of getting gangbanged by FIVE COCKSMEN! She is up on the pedestal, ready to take some major creampies. She might even get some extra loads on her face today. However, before she gets her shaved sweetness full of dicks (and full of cum), the Cocksmen have to warm her up naturally by licking her in a game we like to call EAT THE PLEATS. Eddie calls first dibs, then he plays another game called, "Just the Tip." Mr. Jaye inserts only the head of his rod, but Lexi has trouble resisting the urge to bear down for more. She starts to get tied up in the pedestal's ropes by Chris, so she needs Kyle and Randy's help to slide her up and down the table to ride Eddie's dick horizontally while he stands still on the end. We're always innovating here at Randy grabs the reigns next as all the guys take their first turns inside Lexi. She likes to have a guy over her face so she can suck another dick while she gets fucked. This continues for a while until it's time for some rides. Kyle is up first as Lexi revels in bouncing on her stable of hard cocks, all while being sensually choked by her own shirt. Eddie slides under Lexi for the next ride. Somehow the Cocksmen are able to hold back their loads during the rides, but that won't last for long. Randy is first to unleash a squadron of Danish swimmers in Lexi's pussy as creampie #1 is deposited. Chris rams his cock down Lexi's throat to push the 'pie back out to the surface. Some doggy is up next, then some floor-banging underneath the table until Eddie gets Lexi back on top of it for creampie #2. The boys vibe her for a minute before the remaining loads start dropping inside her at a faster pace. After Lexi gets her FIVE CREAMPIES in her pussy, Jon drops a bonus #RogueLoad on Lexi's face to cap things off. Lexi says she is the happiest she has ever been at the end of her gangbang. I guess that's what happens when you achieve one of your life goals.

The time has come for Jenna to put up or shut up, now that she is up on the pedestal. She made a lot of promises in her interview about what a slut she can be. We'll see if that switch turns in her that shuts off the innocence she projects in the everyday world. The Cocksmen begin by trying to find that little switch with their tongues in her tight pussy. Some of the other guys see if they can find it down at the bottom of her throat. Chris eventually finds it when he does some deeper probing with his shaft as the Cocksmen start passing Jenna around like the good little sub girl she is. We know that switch has finally been flipped by how loudly Jenna starts moaning in pleasure once the Cocksmen all get to work deep in her pussy. Chris brushes off some of his Boy Scout skills and ties Jenna up in a few tantalizing positions, including the first one he likes to call "Santa's sleigh." You'll know it when you see it. Next, it's time for Jenna to take some rides. Randy is up first as Jenna bucks on him like a kangaroo in a bounce house. He even gets a little SQUIRT action out of her before she takes the next ride on the Alex Express. One cock at a time isn't enough for Jenna, or "brat," as she likes to be called when she is dominated, so she flips up into doggy so she can get spit-roasted by at least two (or three) Cocksmen at once. This makes her SQUIRT even more before Randy drops the first creampie in Jenna's eager hole. The squirt juice isn't the only thing cascading down the bench as Scotty P. drops another load in Jenna quickly after, turning her love canal into an overflowing river of squirt and creampies. Chris delivers load #3 in missionary as Jenna gets loud again. She needs her own shirt shoved in her mouth to keep her quiet. Jenna's crazy side comes out to play even more as the rest of the FIVE CREAMPIES keep droppin'. She eventually winds up on the ground for some floor-fucking with Randy while Chris keeps his foot on her head, holding it down to the floor. At the end, Jenna tells us this was her favorite moment. Chris always tries to kick it up a notch with his signature wall-fucking move, though. While it's always awesome, what makes this particular instance even better is how it seamlessly turns into a RIMMING session with Jenna's face buried in Scotty's butt, while she is still getting fucked. The game Jenna talked earlier was much more than just talk. This is a dirty, dirty girl (and that's the way we like her). On top of her FIVE CREAMPIES she gets in her pussy, she also gets two more loads on her face before the gangbang is over. We have to have this firecracker back. She was just getting into her zone.

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