Solos 4





Approximate Running Time: 01:35:50
Released: 2019

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Jackson works as a massage therapist and loves what he does. He’s athletic, muscular and slightly hairy and is packing a thick, uncut cock to boot! He loves random sex and showing off his straight, uncurved dick. When it comes to sex, he describes himself as being versatile as he can top or bottom depending on the partner. He loves playful sex with lots of body contact, oral and, of course, big dicks. He’s open and up for just about anything!

Adorable, dark-haired Eddie just celebrated his 21st birthday, and he’s ready to try new things. He’s Mexican, loves sports, and loves to eat any and everything. He loves working out and staying active. “My dick is pretty hairy, it curves to the left, and it’s symmetrical,” says Eddie. “I love jacking off in the shower! You’re completely naked and free. It feels like you’re in nature. Also, you don’t have to clean up after!” giggles boyish Eddie. “I like fast-paced sex because I’m a very harsh person. I like to be dominant. It’s not super quick, but it’s a process towards the climax,” says Eddie. “Right now, I’m single, and just really looking to have fun with other individuals who want to have fun.”

Brown-skinned, soft-spoken Jae is a 25-year-old professed pansexual. The sun-kissed hunk doesn’t judge based on gender, but rather by how attractive a person is to him. “I’d say the community that I’m in has all kinds of binary thoughts and gender identities,” says muscular Jae. “My first time with a guy was just oral. He went down on me and I went down on him. When I’m with men, I’d like to say that I typically would like to bottom, but if they are sort of thin fem or non-binary then I’d probably like to top.” He adds, “bottoming was intense the first time cause the dick was big! I have a lot of experience now so it’s a lot of fun.”

Dark and handsome Josh is a 25-year-old retired baker who currently works in a gym. He’s chiselled, toned and his cute, bubble butt will definitely make you want to cop a feel! After clocking 10 hours a day in the gym, he is looking for a change. “People definitely do the whole sauna, shower and steam room hook up thing. It happens a lot!” Josh is gay and has only been out for three years now and he affirms how much happier he is living in his truth. He had a less than pleasing experience bottoming with a 9-inch top and that led him to become more of a top himself. “I’ll only bottom with a smaller penis,” says Josh. “I’m a dom top and I’d say my sex is more animalistic. I like to be very forceful with my bottom and there’s a lot of dirty talks.”

Attractive, brown-haired Sammy is a 22-year-old Ukrainian import who also has Italian roots, and his olive skin and dark features definitely show it. He’s currently a student working as a bartender, and part-time masseur. “I really enjoy bartending because I like communicating with people,” says Sammy. “My very first time jerking off was at the age of 12. I found some porn in my parent’s room and mimicked what the men in the movie were doing. I really liked the feeling, and just kept on doing it!” says muscular Sammy. “My first time having sex was with my mom’s 21-year-old friend! I was just 15, and I knew that she liked me. She came over when no one was home, and it just kind of happened. It was a great experience and the beginning of my sexual road.”

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Stars: Eddie
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Stars: Jae
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Stars: Josh
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Stars: Sammy (male)
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