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Randy & Kaleb: Bareback: Muscular hunk Randy has been waiting on his chance to smash boyish cutie Kaleb, and the time has finally cum! “I’ve been waiting over a year for this guy! I wanted him real bad, but unfortunately, it just didn’t happen,” says Randy. “Yeah, very unfortunate, but hey we’re here now!” replies chiselled Kaleb. He adds, “I got a little preview last year, and it’s definitely the biggest cock I’ve ever seen!” “I’ll be easy on you. I think you’ll like it. Loosen your ass right up! It’s gotta be pretty tight from what I hear,” says Randy excitedly. “Are you going to fuck me too?” asks Randy. “Depending on how well you pound me, I’ll return the favour!” answers Kaleb.

Jax & Brysen: Bareback: Brysen has been hitting the squat rack hard - and it shows! Jax couldn't help but stare at Brysen's big, muscular ass. "I hope there's enough booty there to take that fucking hog you're hiding in your pants," Brysen said. Jax was very confident it would fit. "I think you've got plenty of ass for me," he said. "I'm gonna fucking ride that dick harder than you've ever had it rode in your life," proclaimed Brysen. There's no dick too big for him!

Sean & Jayden: Bareback: Good-looking, muscular Jayden is out taking a stroll with hunky Sean. They stop to exchange a quick kiss before heading over to a private room for some one-on-one fun. “It’s been a while, huh?“ asks Sean. “Yeah, it has been,” replies Jayden. “I’m ready!” says an enthusiastic Sean. “I’m ready to see what he has to offer,” says Jayden with a slight smirk. They hurry on over to the room and get straight into kissing, touching, licking and fucking.

Jess & Deacon: Bareback: Brown-haired and attractive Deacon can’t wait to meet his sex partner! Our toned and tall bottom doesn’t know who’s topping him and so, he partakes in a cock sucking guessing game. First, he’s handed a few pictures of the possible candidates and their dicks beforehand. Then, he gets on his knees and starts sucking dick so he can figure out who it belongs to. “This is cut and he’s got some nice balls and a very straight shaft. Legs long and slender. This is either Sean or Jess!” says Deacon as he starts deep-throating. “That’s a big dick and I think I need to feel it in my ass,” continues Deacon as he drops his briefs and gets into doggy-style position. “I think it’s Jess; it’s so big!” exclaims Deacon. Dark-haired Jess then reveals himself as he continues to pound Deacon’s ass, flipping him over to continue missionary style and letting his creamy load blow.

Robbie & Joaquin: Bareback: Italian stud Joaquin couldn’t wait to get his juicy bubble butt licked and tongue punched by lean hunk Robbie. “You taste so good,” says brown-haired Robbie as he comes up for air. Muscular Joaquin is so deep in pleasure that all he can do is continue moaning with every tongue swipe. “Are you ready for me?” asks Robbie, as he positions his hard and hung cock to enter his primed asshole doggy style. “Oh yes,” says eager bottom Joaquin. Robbie continues pounding away at his tight hole before releasing his load all over his face.

The movie you are enjoying was created by consenting adults participating in risky sexual practices.We want you to enjoy this fantasy, but we also recommend that you participate only in safer sex activities.For more information about safer sex practices, please visit: (

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Comments on Hung & Raw

Critique2 says:
So hot seeing that Kaleb get pounded like to see that more often the bigger the dick the better!

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