Landon 2





Approximate Running Time: 01:58:42
Released: 2018

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Landon's a hot black stud! He loves fuckin! Enjoy Landon in his 2nd volume as he enjoys what he does best!

Scene 1: Max has turned out to be a really great bottom, so I wanted to have him meet Landon. Max checked out Landon on the site and called me back about an hour later excited about the possibility. When Max finally met Landon in person, there was some pretty immediate chemistry. Landon started rubbing Max's shoulders while we chatted. Since they weren't staying in the same hotel and hadn't had the opportunity to really talk, we let them get acquainted for a bit before getting into the "action." Although, I could tell that they really wanted to get each other naked! Landon was definitely ready…his cock was hard the entire time he was sitting behind Max, giving him a massage. “You getting hard?” The question was meant for Landon, but Max answered: "Oh, I definitely feel it poking me in my back!” You could see Max's excited curiosity. Before I knew it, their clothes were off, their dicks were rubbing, and Max had the fuck of his life!

Scene 2: "Well, your dick is still huge, I see!" Landon laughed. That's the thing I remembered most about him... he loves to laugh and have fun and be silly! Connor was a little nervous and Landon definitely picked up on it. He started rubbing Connor's shoulders, and gave him a warm smile. Connor's dick is just about as big as Landon's — and Landon took his time working it over, along with Connor's hole. Luckily, Connor relaxed a bit. Landon slid his dick into Connor, and started pumping. Connor whimpered a little, but then threw his head back and really went for a ride!

Scene 3: Landon & Eddie: Bareback

Scene 4: When Josiah found out that he was going to be paired up with Landon for his first sex scene on Sean Cody, he was over the moon about it. “I've seen him in action, and I felt the same feeling when people win the lottery!” Landon was pleasantly surprised to hear that Josiah has been a Sean Cody fan for years, so he wanted to give some extra special attention to the newbie. “Yeah, we've already clicked a little bit…probably click some more here later” And that they did! Josiah was left happily worn out by the time Landon was done with him!

Scene 5: Landon and Cassian seemed to be like two peas in a pod. Both of these hotties had a lot of fun playing some basketball together…but distractions were inevitable. We had to ask Landon the obvious, “Did you see his ass?” Landon was very excited to answer, “I do see his ass! Let's go see if we could go give him a good game!” Needless to say, he did give Cassian a good, hard game.

The movie you are enjoying was created by consenting adults participating in risky sexual practices.We want you to enjoy this fantasy, but we also recommend that you participate only in safer sex activities.For more information about safer sex practices, please visit: (

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Comments on Landon 2

MacinskyMichael says:
Absolutely absolutely one of your best videos. Photography is outstanding and themodels are superb. You've got a winner here boys and girls!

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