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Mike's apartment is becoming world renowned. Tiffany Fox found out about us all the way in California. She arrived jet lagged and in need of a deep tissue massage. Chucky was more than happy to oblige because he figured if he could get her to relax and also realize the benefits of staying rent free, Tiffany will most definitely accept the offer. She knew the offer was coming and jumped at the chance to stay for free under one condition. Chucky had to be her roommate for her entire stay there. Tiffany had her way with Chucky and was eager to make her payment.

Victoriia and her boyfriend enjoyed their previous stay with us so they decided return. Since they were already familiar with the particulars of the Mikey special they immediately signed the lease and proceeded with the payment. Victoriia sensually stripped down to her to her sexy underwear and then invited her man to taste her pretty pussy. He sucked on her nicely manicured toes and then worked his way to her bald beaver. After smearing pussy juice all over her man's face, Victoriia wrapped her lips around his hard cock and gave him an amazing blow job. She then took his schlong for ride and had the pleasure of experiencing multiple orgasms. She eventually swallowed her man's load without spilling a single drop.

Alexis came back around to the Apartment looking very sexy. We had to have her stay with those long beautiful legs and that gorgeous smile. It didn't take long for her to start undressing and revealing her luscious body. She sucked that cock and bent over to have her pussy and asshole munched on. Alexis got her pussy pounded, as her juicy ass bounced around. She even got a mouthful of cream and just swallowed it all down. The rent was definitely paid in full.

Our newest tenant is a beautiful girl from Budapest named Daniella. She contacted us and requested a place within walking distance of public transportation. We had the perfect apartment for her, so we scheduled a tour. Choky was an excellent tour guide, and Danielle loved the place but not the price. It was way over her budget, so we offered her the Mikey special. Soon after signing the lease, Danielle became the star of my dirty little movie. Choky slowly undressed her, and we got to see her puffy nips and sweet ass before he stuffed her pretty mouth. After getting his cock slobbed on, Choky fucked Danielle relentlessly and then watched her swallow every single drop of his cum.

Amirah was getting ready to put her body to the test. And what a body it was! This Hungarian, brunette beauty was fit sexy and flexible. She found yoga the perfect way to put her body and mind into the right place. As she contorted her body into various positions, we could clearly see all her curves and crevices. Choky and Sabby were patiently watching, until she summoned them. Calm and collectively, Amirah took a cock in each hand and started sucking. The Euro boys saw that yoga lived up to the hype, and they gave her body a flexibility and endurance challenge. Amirah passed with flying colors and was rewarded with a mouthful of cum and a coating from her chin to her pussy.

Charlee, a beautiful, blond haired, blue eyed bombshell is showing off her curves. She makes sure we can see every contour of her luscious ass and juicy tits. She struts around, making her way to the couch, as she pops her assets. Once on the couch we get a closer look as she continues to pose. While shes showing off Will sneaks in and once he sees her he instantly drops to his knees and buries his face in that ass. Then he tells her to sit on his face and after she makes sure that he can handle all shes got Charlee gives Will what he wants. After he gets a good mouthful of ass and pussy Charlee sucks him off so he can deliver a proper fucking. Will gives Charlee what she wants and being the wild, crazy blond she is its quite the order to fill. Once content Charlee gets on her knees and takes a load to the face, swallowing most of it.

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