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Returning from a European vacation, Mexico's horniest little fucker, Ali Montero, takes time to reminisce about all the fun times he had with his new friends across the water. Needless to say, it wasn't so much a sight-seeing tour that he enjoyed, rather a ball-poppin' bonanza! As becomes blatantly apparent in scene after scene of raw cock bangin' fury! With memories this golden - or should that be "sticky and white"? - this is one young honcho whose antics are truly unforgettable!

Eamon August's a dirty little shaven-cocked twink who can't stop thinking about other boys, and who loves to spend his time looking at porn mags and dreaming about all the hard cock and cute ass that's out there in the world. Nothing makes him happier, in fact - except, of course, getting to meet the real thing, which in this particular instance involves the equally dick-obsessed Adam Hart. It's a pairing that can only ever have one result, as both lads proceed to feast on each other's cocks; before Hart starts to rim August's tight little ass-hole in preparation for the hard fucking to come. Not that blond-haired Eamon needs the slightest bit of encouragement. Hours spent staring at inappropriate pictures of handsome young men has left him in the need for a thick, uncut shaft up his ass; and it's with unquestionable relish that he first sits himself down on Hart's throbbing cock, before allowing Hart to bang him from behind. A total whore, it's no wonder that his balls are soon fit to burst - in this instance, all over Hart's mouth and chin! In all, a scene that really hits the spot in every sense!

Mornings can be such fuckin' horny times, and never more so than when you're young and full of the joys of life - not to mention full of spunk!! So it should come as no big surprise when Angelo Croft and Nick Gill start their day with a little kissing and (soon afterwards) some mutual cock-sucking. What neither boy was expecting, however, was the arrival of Caleb Moreton and his undeniably monstrous cock! Talk about it being a red letter day! These two horny fuckers can hardly believe their luck; and Croft (in particular) just can't wait to get his lips around the oversized butt-picker that Moreton's got stored in his pants! Indeed, having slurped his way up and down the entire length of that truly enormous cock, Croft's more than ready to take some hard, throbbing dick up his ass - beginning with Gill, who works that hungry hole into quite a lather in readiness for an even harder fuck courtesy of Moreton. The ensuing flip-flop spit-roast leaves Croft with a face-load from Gill and an ass-load from Moreton - just the kind of wanton filth that'll have you spurting like crazy time after time!

Little wonder that young Mexican cheeky-boy, Ali Montero, is thinking back to his holidays - after all, if you met Eamon August whilst taking a shower on vacation then you'd probably be reminiscing like crazy! For August is one hot, horny cock-sucker that you would never, ever forget - as he demonstrates in this vignette, feeding off Montero's Mexican salami like his very existence depended on it. Not that Montero is without his skills in the oral department, it must be said; and the way they eventually end up 69-ing each other like a couple of knob-obsessed book-ends, it's hard to judge exactly which one of these lads is the more exquisite gobbler! No such open-ended questions about which one of these boys loves taking cock up the ass though. Montero has long since secured a career in the biz via his reputation as a power bottom, and if anything the introduction of some horny Czech cock serves only to underline his passion. In short, he just can't wait for August to literally fuck the jizz out of him; before feasting on the Prague boy's spurting shaft like the whore he is!

Sauna sex is always hot - excuse the obvious pun! - but this divine coupling of gorgeous twinks, David Ballard and Mark Godin, is a fucking scorcher! Godin, in particular, is as cute as the day is long, and it's no wonder that young blondie, Ballard, can't resist taking a heavy slurp off the lengthy shaft that he's got tucked between his thighs - feasting right up to the base in the process! It's a delightful performance in every respect' and it's not too long before Ballard is gagging for Godin to be stretching his tight twink ass in much the same fashion as it's been filling his mouth - i.e. to the brim! A wish that Godin for his part is only too eager and willing to help make cum true, taking his mate from beneath with his thick, totally raw ramrod. No doubt about it, you're gonna be tossing yourself off with exactly the same gusto as Ballard displays as he squirts a load of hot cream all over his belly; but it's the sight of Godin's tightly-skinned cock pumping into Ballard's mouth that really got us going. Totally filthy, totally reckless - but exactly the sort of dirty action that we expect from the Czechies!

Ali Montero's European vacation might be drawing to a close, but that doesn't mean he's anyway less willing to make the most of any horny opportunity that cums his way - which in this particular instance involves the unrivalled talents of Nick Gill and a rather winsome, buff waiter by the name of Marcus Drew. A display of mutual cock-sucking ensues between the three horny youngsters; but as always with Montero there's the distinct impression that this is just a foretaste of the real excitement they have planned. Indeed, this dick-lovin' Mexican isn't really gonna be happy until he's got someone's shaft poking away at his backside - which in this instance comes courtesy of Gill. Clearly not wishing to miss out on the fun, however, Drew decides to secure full advantage of the Mexican visitor by taking Montero's rampant, raw, ass-creamin' butt-picker for the nut-busting ride of his life; whilst Gill spews over Montero's face, and Montero himself unburdens a thick, creamy load into Drew's tight little pucker! All told, total teenage filth - and who said holiday romance was dead?

The movie you are enjoying was created by consenting adults participating in risky sexual practices.We want you to enjoy this fantasy, but we also recommend that you participate only in safer sex activities.For more information about safer sex practices, please visit: (

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