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RayVeness is a southern girl-next-door who just keeps reinventing herself in the adult film industry. Since the early 90s, she's harnessed a devout following of on-line fans who appreciate connecting with her searing, steel-blue eyes, North Carolina charm & luscious, natural body.

Featuring a variety RayVeness's own hand-picked XXX selections, that include her appearances in Girlfriends Films smash hit series Pin-Up Girls Volume 1,2,3 and 4 and fan favorites, Sweet Sinner's My Mother's Best Friend and Family Secrets-Tales Of Victorian Lust among hundreds of RayVeness's finest films.

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Pin-Ups Girls Volume 1 was the most ambitious production that Girlfriends Films had produced at time in 2009. And with such an ambitious production, who better to feature than Girlfriends Films' first contract performer - RayVeness! Everything is genuine, authentic, and natural. Natural beauties, led by XXX phenom RayVeness, who set the screen on fire with the hottest lesbian action you will ever see. The wardrobe is authentic '50s clothing. The camera and projector are genuine from that decade even down the bedding. You'll wish you were living in the 50's after watching this classy lesbian action.

Pin-Up Girls Volume 2 was the highly anticipated follow-up to the most ambitious production that Girlfriends Films has ever produced. Everything is genuine, authentic, and natural. It's cool to see an actual Spartus camera. The storyline is about a quartet of friends who model for catalogs and print ads. Rayveness tells her pals that they can make double their money if they pose for an adult girlie magazine.

In Pin-Up Girls Volume 3 you'll find RayVeness and her silk stocking sirens in tawdry stories of lesbian love. Babes on the make... In Hollywood! If you thought men were the master of the pick-up line, then think again. These sassy cunt-chasers are experts in the art of subtlety. It's interesting to watch these models take a completely innocuous situation and turn it into an all-out love fest, enticing the unsuspecting target right into Rayveness's web. Simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video brought to you b none-other than Girlfriends Films.

Pin-Up Girls Volume 4 is the newest addition to the acclaimed, vintage erotica series by the leader in lesbian adult movies. Girlfriends Films 1st ever contract girl RayVeness returns with a star-studded roster of the hottest porn stars in the business! You get it all with one login that gives you access to Rayveness's entire Video-on-Demand library. No Memberships. Never a recurring bill. Snag up a bundle of minutes and watch only the hot scenes you want, when you want. Enjoy a bundle of 10 free minutes with your free signup!

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Didn't think Rayveness could get any hotter? Think again. In Sweet Sinner's, My Mother's Best Friend, Johnny has the perfect life: A hot young girlfriend, loving parents, and an acceptance letter to an Ivy League Law school. The only problem is, he secretly feels the life mapped out for him isn't the one he wants. Enter Rayveness: A beautiful older woman who makes Johnny feel understood and hot with desire. Will Johnny reveal that he wants to give up everything for the love of his mother's Best Friend? Mr. Pete gives Johnny some advice about older women, and recalls his own scorching hot affair with busty Cougar Deauxma.

Family Secrets-Tales Of Victorian Lust! Sweet Sinner's innovative Victorian-era series continues in this volume of interracial love, forbidden lust, and unspeakable secrets. Well-to-do Rayveness falls on hard times when her husband passes away, so she sends her kids Dane and Sammy to stay with former housekeeper Deluxe. But the arrival of the gorgeous young siblings open a Pandora's box of secrets that Sean Michaels must struggle to keep hidden. With beautiful, authentic Victorian era costumes and locations, and some of the hottest interracial sex ever captured on film, Family Secrets is an instant classic.

Rayveness gives the blowjob of a lifetime in Ninn Worx's Pop 3: The Beauty of a Blowjob. Eyes, face, and cum. A sensually nasty combination that has to be seen to be appreciated fully. Pop 3: The Beauty of the Blowjob features twenty scenes of explosive anticipation. A Ninn Worx hybrid that truly captures the beauty and splendor of that common pleasure, the blowjob.

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