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Minute Packages
  1. The Diary
  2. The Hideaway
  3. Locker Room Boys
  4. Huge 1
  5. Classic Men Pre-Condom #9

Classic Gay Porn

Oil Rig #99


Video: Oil Rig #99

In the vast wastelands of the Middle East the men who work on the oil rigs for months . . .

28 Ratings

Red Ball Express


Video: Red Ball Express

You knew him (if your old enough) as Mac Larson. He was the undisputed king of kinky . . .

26 Ratings

Idol Worship


Video: Idol Worship

Orgasm after orgasm that will leave you so horny! Watch Ryan Idol jerk himself off, . . .

18 Ratings

The Diary


Video: The Diary

Starring an adorable Jake Stryker at the tender age of eighteen, “The Diary” . . .

4 Ratings

The Hideaway


Video: The Hideaway

Hot, young studs and their cocks come together to make The Hideaway. Where can you . . .

14 Ratings

Locker Room Boys


Video: Locker Room Boys

Inside the locker room, these young, muscled jocks have definitely found a different . . .

7 Ratings

Huge 1


Video: Huge 1

These young tough guys don’t just want cock—they want it huge, raw and hard as . . .

6 Ratings

Classic Men Pre-Condom #9


Video: Classic Men Pre-Condom #9

Skin is in! Watch as the Classic Men series continues with LOADS of barebackin' . . .

26 Ratings

Fallen Angel


Video: Fallen Angel
Premium Title

Somewhere between heaven and hell there is a place - a place where leather is a . . .

15 Ratings

Hairy Hunks


Video: Hairy Hunks

It’s a must-see fuckfest featuring the sexiest hairy studs on the planet! Between . . .

6 Ratings



Video: Cruisin'

On the boulevard, everyone is a star! Beautiful men from all over the world come . . .

15 Ratings

Idol Thoughts


Video: Idol Thoughts

The private thoughts that straight stud Ryan Idol have are definitely the stuff that . . .

12 Ratings

Load Warriors


Video: Load Warriors

Catalina presents the all-time best cum shots from some of its most popular classics, . . .

6 Ratings

Picture Perfect


Video: Picture Perfect

Relationships aren’t for everyone. Some guys just want to fuck around, who needs . . .

7 Ratings

Slaves for Sale: Part One


Video: Slaves for Sale: Part One

Ken Berquist stars as a power-hungry master that gets off on the thrill of domination. . . .

7 Ratings

Turbo Charge


Video: Turbo Charge

Al Parker’s sexual appetite is always in over-drive. But this time he’s Turbo . . .

8 Ratings

Sex In The Great Outdoors


Video: Sex In The Great Outdoors

In SIX explosive scenes, Catalina presents the greatest in its library of steamy . . .

7 Ratings



Video: Seamen

Only seamen can give blowjobs like this. Hard core military training is the only . . .

14 Ratings

The Class of '84 Part 2: Hard Lessons


Video: The Class of '84 Part 2: Hard Lessons

These college students are exploring their curiosity with a non-stop barebackfest . . .

11 Ratings

No Faking It


Video: No Faking It

Women can fake it. They get wet, and they can fake it so easily. For men, it's harder. . . .

19 Ratings

Classic Men Pre-Condom #8


Video: Classic Men Pre-Condom #8

If you miss the days when sex between two men was spontaneous and carefree, then . . .

27 Ratings

Make-A-Wish and Blow


Video: Make-A-Wish and Blow

In MAKE A WISH AND BLOW, you're invited to a sizzling hot birthday party! This is . . .

11 Ratings

The Best of Surge Vol. 1


Video: The Best of Surge Vol. 1

Bijou Classics reintroduces FIVE of the best scenes that Surge Studios has ever produced—and . . .

14 Ratings

Gay Stags (01861980088)


Video: Gay Stags (01861980088)

It’s a blast from the past that will you leave you cumming back for more and more! . . .

7 Ratings